28Aug 2017

It is undeniable that telephones are essential to every business, and for small businesses that want to grow, the stakes are even higher. Most of the times, the first contact with clients occurs over the phone. Telephones are also the most used connection between employees, vendors and business partners. The standards, quality, and reliability of […]

19Oct 2016

Having a mobile phone for business is fine if there are just one or two of you in the business. However, if there are three or more people in a business, then you need a phone system. A phone system is mission critical to your business, it’s the front-line between you and your customers. As […]

28Sep 2016

VoIP is exactly what it says – voice over Internet Protocol. It’s voice communication that is transmitted via the internet. Using this technology, you can make and take calls using the Internet. Analogue voice signals are converted to digital data packs and transmitted across the internet. We’ve regularly asked about VoIP so we’ve put a list […]

16Sep 2014

The first thing that people think of when you mention their telephone system features are – we can make, take and transfer calls on it – yes, of course this is true but if you implement a few additional features on it, it becomes a little more useful. How? Let me outline a few features, […]

20May 2014

Modern telephone Systems can be very sophisticated but if all you need is to make, take and transfer calls, there are still simple systems available. Here some of the major things you will need to consider when thinking about a new phone system. 1.       System Size Size matters! If you need 6 extensions on a […]

27Jun 2012

Congratulations yet again to Phonelink who have become the top dealer in Ireland for LG Ericsson Telephone systems for the 7th year in a row – Phonelink have achieved this through our technical knowhow of the telecommunications industry, keeping abreast of the ever changing world of IP Technology. We have been rewarded by a very […]