One of the most popular features on our Ericsson LG telephone system is “Voice Mail to Email” 
With this feature, you can screen your voicemails remotely, without having to go to the office to listen to your voice mails. When a customer leaves you a message in your voicemail box, it is emailed to you with a wav file attached so that you can listen to from your smart phone or anywhere you can access your emails. 
Some clients are using it to keep voicemails on file, as often times the phone system can’t store too many voicemails. Other clients have set it up that it can go to multiple email addresses so the entire group or department can stay in touch with their customers.  
The voicemail to email is particularly important for small business that cannot afford to miss that all important message from a client especially when voicemails are left out of hours or you have to leave the office unattended. Now you can receive and email notification and listen back to the voicemail to determine its importance.  
Improve customer service = Customer Retention 
Quick response = Sales Opportunity 
To find out more about the Voicemail to Email and the many more features available on our Ericsson LG telephone systems Click Here 
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