Hotel Systems 

The Ericsson LG Hospitability eMG80 and eMG800 Range of systems have been specifically designed from the ground up to ensure maximum ease of use for guests, while recognizing the staff rotational requirements from within the hospitality sector. 
So whether you are operating a guesthouse, hotel, retirement complex or nursing home, the ability to provide flexible and efficient solutions will help ensure return business. Logical, easy operation for the staff will assist in improving and maintaining customer satisfaction. 

Maximising Efficiency 

New Guest Services – The provision of ISDN lines allows direct access to guest rooms for outside callers, leaving Front Desk staff and operators free to deal with more important duties. 
Check In/ Check Out – Pressing one key on the front Desk phone and entering the room number opens the guest’s telephone account and activates the room extension on Check-In.. a similar sequence deactivates the extension and prints an itemised bill on Check-Out. 
Room Status Display – When checking a guest in or out, the status of the room is displayed on the Front Desk Phone. 
Maid Status – The Maid Status can be changed from the extension in the guest room by the maid, informing Front Desk personnel when the room is ready for occupancy. 
Baby Listening/Room Monitor – Guests can monitor their rooms. By calling their room from any other phone they can listen in without causing any disturbance. 

Adding Value For Guests 

Guest Message Handling – Hotel staff can leave a “message waiting” signal on the guest’s telephone, notifying them to contact Front Desk, or access their Voice Mail Box. 
House Phone Flexibility – The Front Desk can enable single calls from Phones that are normally restricted from making outside calls, with the charge billed automatically to the guests room 
Room to Room call Groups – It is possible to allow members of the same party to call each other’s rooms and staff extensions, but not guest rooms outside their own call group. 
Prepaid Call Charge – Guests can pay a deposit to cover all charges, which is deducted automatically from their bill on Check-Out. If the call charges exceed the deposit during the guest’s stay, the system automatically restricts calls from the guests room. 
Integration with PMS Systems is key to the requirements of most hotels. Ericsson LG Systems integrate with most of the leading PMS vendors such as Micros Fidelio, Hot Soft, RoomMaster and many more. 
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