SIP Trunking 

Are you using SIP trunking yet?  
We’re excited about the potential of SIP trunking to transform your business, and we believe that it is a key way to stay ahead of your competitors right now. 
What is SIP Trunking? 
SIP Trunking simplifies your business phone system, accessing high speed broadband connections to improve calling and save you money. SIP Trunking is fast becoming a superior way to communicate compared with existing ISDN or PSTN telephone lines, and you can connect from your site, or multiple sites, via IP connection, whether you are using broadband or Ethernet. 
SIP Trunking is a reliable and cost effective way to improve your communications systems as you move forward in your business. Business owners, CEOs and IT Managers are extolling the benefits of this system, and we can help you to stand out from the rest when you choose SIP for your business. 
Why should I choose SIP Trunking? 
There are many reasons to consider moving to SIP Trunking now, and these are our top 4: 
1. SIP is secure 
You might think that ISDN and PSTN are the most secure options in an IP world, but this is not the case as phone hacking has become a real threat. Our traditional voice carriers in the Irish marketing are frequently failing to step up the standards and provide security checks and balances for their customers, and this causes problems where, even if an internal alert has been raised, customers are not alerted and shutdown of connectivity is still a manual operation. 
At the other end of the spectrum, our independent VOIP voice carriers within the Irish market are so conscious and aware of security and customer safety that they have extremely complex security algorithms in place to ensure that any suspicious behaviour is identified and stopped. Whether it is suspicious number calls to a non standard destination, or a customer exceeding their allowed balance, the outbound voice service will be automatically suspended if there is a suspected issue, until the threat has been resolved. Your account can also be set up with a maximum call amount, which will trigger suspension if exceeded. This is vital as it prevents you from a potential liability situation, protecting your business against a financial impact as well as avoiding wasting time dealing with such a situation with the Gardai, your traditional voice carrier and, potentially, Comreg. 
We know that voice hacking is on the increase, and it is vital to take steps to ensure your business is secured. SIP and VOIP offer a great security solution, prioritising business continuity and peace of mind. 
2. Save on your phone bill with SIP 
When you switch to SIP Trunking, you will no longer be bound by expensive line rental fees and on-going call charges will also be reduced. You can expect to see reductions of up to 75% on your line rental, and cost savings of 20-30% on your call charges, and switching to 2 IP lines will save you €288 annually. 
Your outgoing destination profile is key to your overall cost savings, and you can make large scale savings on international calls as well as savings on National Irish Landline calls and Irish mobile calls. Before you change from any provider, you should have a bill analysis carried out to give you a clear expectation of cost savings. 
3. SIP is flexible. 
SIP Trunking offers much more flexibility for a business user over a standard TDM phone line like ISDN or PSTN. Every Irish SMB aspires to be mobile, quick to market, scalable and, of course, always contactable. SIP delivers on all of these crucial requirements. You’ll be assured of: 

Disater recovery 

In the event of a failure of service, including an act of nature, such as a snow storm, or for example a complete power outage caused by roadworks outside your property, you will be safe in the knowledge that an automatic failover is in place to route your calls to a destination of your choice, giving you business continuity and ensuring that you are always contactable by your key customers. 

Geographic offering 

Whether you are venturing into a new market or would like to present a different geographic number to some customers, either within Ireland or abroad, having a geographic number that is accessible to your target market is a key business tool to encourage your customers to call. This is easy to provide with SIP, and new numbers can be assigned to you in seconds, enabling your business to quickly adapt to a potential opportunity in a new target territory. 


A quick turnaround in the provision of extra services is often extremely important to business owners, and SIP is effective here. Instead of waiting for an engineer to call and provide a new ISDN line, additional IP channels can be deployed immediately. For seasonal business, where call traffic is high at certain times of the year, your requirement for extra telephone capacity may only apply during these busy periods. SIP allows you to scale up and down as required, without requiring a call out from a carrier engineer to extend or remove services. 


Perhaps the most important consideration for customers, where voice mission is critical, is the possibility of creating a twin pronged approach to your telephony providers. A business may require all inbound calls to come in over normal ISDN lines and route all outbound traffic out over SIP, so that in the event of a failure or loss of service with one carrier, there will be a back-up option to provide essential continuity.. 
4. Choose SIP when moving premises. 
If your business is in the process of moving premises, this is the perfect time to choose SIP for your business voice communications. SIP is a great enabler in terms of moving your phone number to a new location. Here’s why: 
Moving premises was previously a complex process, involving locating the exchange relevant to your new premises, re-directing calls to your old number and setting up a messaging system to provide callers with your new number. These can be expensive services, alongside ordering new phone lines and waiting for installation, or requesting a move or diversion if in the same exchange as your old premises. 
With SIP, this becomes a simple process, involving only three short steps: 
Order one phone line and broadband. 
Order SIP Trunks from Phonelink 
Phonelink will port your numbers on the day you wish to move. 
Porting your number to an IP carrier is the most effective way of moving your telephone number, and this process can take as little as 24 hours once your authorise it. By porting your number, you eliminate costly installation of new lines and possible call divert charges to your new numbers. 
Businesses love this cost effective and practical approach, and we will be happy to talk with you about the way it could work for your company. 





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