Modern telephone Systems can be very sophisticated but if all you need is to make, take and transfer calls, there are still simple systems available. Here some of the major things you will need to consider when thinking about a new phone system. 
1. System Size 
Size matters! If you need 6 extensions on a phone system with 3 lines, make sure that you consider growth. In 6 -12 months time, how many lines and extensions will you need then. Even if you think that there will be no growth, ensure that the system can at least double in size. Most start-up businesses grow quickest in the first 2 to 3 years. 
2. Features vs Benefits 
Consider carefully the features versus the benefits. On first thought, you may rule out using, say, auto attendant feature. You may feel that this is an impersonal way of answering calls. However, this feature can be turned on and off at the touch of a button and it may come in useful if your receptionist phones in sick – who will answer the phone then? 
The auto attendant will! On any modern system, there is a myriad of features as standard on them and most are hidden. Make sure that when you buy a system that training is included as these features lead to benefits. 
3. Line Rental 
SIP lines versus Analogue/ISDN lines – Traditionally, when you ordered lines from the telecoms lines supplier such as Eircom, they gave you fixed analogue or ISDN lines which are fed from the local exchange and cannot be moved outside of this exchange. 
There is a monthly rent on these type lines. However, with the advent of SIP or VOIP technology, once you have a decent broadband connection, you can avail of these type lines and in most cases, there is no rent involved. You only pay for the calls that are made and most importantly, these lines are non-geographical which means if you relocate your premises to another location, you can easily bring the telephone numbers with you. 
4. Cost 
Cost is always a factor but don’t be put off purchasing a pure VOIP system – the cost of these have come down to traditional TDM systems. VOIP (voice over IP) systems have all the features that TDM systems have plus much more. Because this type system is IP, it can integrate with your IT network to become a full UC (unified communications) environment. 
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