It is undeniable that telephones are essential to every business, and for small businesses that want to grow, the stakes are even higher. Most of the times, the first contact with clients occurs over the phone. 
Telephones are also the most used connection between employees, vendors and business partners. 
The standards, quality, and reliability of the telephone system not only is crucial to make business possible, but it also reflects to the customers and the general public the professionalism of the company. 
There are compelling advantages of a cloud-based solution that go far beyond cost as well as considerations to explore before making the move.. 
Here are 5 Cloud-Based VoIP Advantages: 
1. Fully-Integrated Communications System 
Business tools that work in the cloud are easy to utilize, allowing business workers to stay connected whether they are in the office or anywhere else. By doing this, the cloud assures a reliable and consistent business presence, helping increase productivity with easy access to CRM tools, email, instant messaging, voice, and video conferencing. 
2. Control Over Modes of Communication 
A cloud-operated system puts businesses in control by allowing them to pick and choose which features they need and giving them easy access to turn them on or off. 
Also, cloud solutions give employees access anytime, anywhere via a smartphone or desk phone to all their calling features and even better, have real-time access to all their essential business software. 
3. Top of the Line Business Features 
A cloud-based phone system offers to small businesses access to the types of high-end network applications such as Auto Attendant, Never Miss a Call, Virtual Assistant, or Call Center solutions that are usually found in larger corporations. 
4. Mobility and Easy to Use 
Today’s workplace is extremely mobile, and businesses need to adjust and adapt and be able to run from multiple locations. 
With a cloud-based phone system, business workers now have access to features that allow them to log in from anywhere and still be in reach while on the go, giving customer-facing and revenue-producing employees greater control over their productivity. 
5. Flexibility to Scale Up (and Down) 
As a business grows, the number of employees and customers grows, and maybe it is necessary to open new offices. This requires a phone system that can scale-up — or down — as the need arises. 
With cloud phone systems, businesses can if necessary, add as many extensions as they need or, if not simply call in to deactivate these extra extensions. Unlike traditional systems, businesses only pay for the extensions they need for as long as they need them. 
For this reason and given the cost-friendly and resource advantages of cloud-based applications and platforms it comes as no surprise that many small businesses are turning to cloud-based phone systems. 
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