Cost Management Software

Call Billing and Reporting

What gets measured, gets managed – the old adages still ring true. CyTrack® CyReport is a powerful Business Reporting system for Telephony Systems.

CyReport provides your business with the means to collect, report and analyse on your telephone system. From a company wide analysis, or whether broken down by department or team, even just on a single extension, CyReport provides the information on your most important area of business, how you are communicating with your customers, what your performance is and where the costs are coming from.

CyReport is going to pay for itself in a very short time, whether its from empowering your business with accountability, providing you the means to create new chargeable or chargeback services, enabling you to manage and check your telephone costs, or identify areas of performance that need improving.

Typical Applications

Review Staff Performance

Provide reports on team or individual performance, from costs to activity reporting on how many calls have been made or received.

Check your Telecom Bill

Have the means to check telecom bills against your own data collected and ensure you are not getting overcharged. Identify services that are not required.

Service Bureau & Billing Functions

Provide complete reporting and service billing of functions utilised and output direct to a bill report.

Account Code for Project/Item Billing

Utilise account code capability within your telephone system to identify and select individual calls back to a central account for services billing and reporting.

Accountability of Costs back to Divisions

Allocate costs to teams or divisions for internal chargeback of company costs.


 Service/Performance Monitoring

In today’s fast moving service business environment, providing quality service and managing resources efficiently are key objectives. CyReport can help you evaluate whether you are meeting your service levels, such as do you have enough sales staff to take calls, are there adequate service staff, are telephones being answered in a timely manner – even worse are they being left to ring out?

Cost Control

For many companies, telephone calls are the highest expense after staff wages. But do you know where your money is going? CyReport will show you. You can find out which services your staff use the most frequently, what time of day the services are used, which department is using those services.

Billing and Divisional Cost Allocation

The CyReport charging modules allow for billing and cost allocation by extension or to division allocated by the Directory. Whether it be a corporate environment, hospitality or bureau service, CyReport provides powerful and flexible means of collecting costs and services provided into its database and provides billing and transaction reporting to logical or physical account codes or projects or divisions. As well as variable cost collection data, CyReport allows fixed costs such as rentals and service charges to be entered into the Directory for each business unit or user and allow integrated billing of fixed and variable charges.

Call Centre Management

Whether you manage inbound, outbound or both, managing resources and evaluating performance and costs is paramount. CyReport provides an advanced range of features to meet Call Centre needs. From reporting, to cost allocation and billing of services, to agent action and break reporting.


 Reporting and Analysis

CyReport collects all its data to a powerful SQL database. Reports are generated by Crystal Reports and can be output to a range of formats, including Excel, PDF, Word and more. We provide a range of prepared reports, however if we do not provide the report format you require, we want to know and will provide reports customised to your specification.

Powerful Carrier Tariff Interface

We pride ourselves on providing one of the most powerful and also simplest carrier and tariff interfaces available. True cost reporting that can be updated by the user, without requiring expensive facilities management, support contracts and central provider update management. Telephone Data collection can be achieved via a serial or IP interface and over 350 telephone systems supported

Directory and Information Services

The CyReport powerful Drag and Drop Directory with powerful customisation and search facilities allows you to setup groups of users into divisions or teams for reporting purposes and also provides advanced facilities for any organisation to manage communications. Whether it be a corporate or hospitality or bureau environment. The CyReport Directory also offers powerful messaging features that can be integrated to the existing environments – such as e-mail, fax and also PC-mobile text messaging. Coming soon – 2004 Web Access to Directory for user and administration web updates.

Integration to other CyTrack Products

CyReport is the central reporting module for all CyTrack products – so as you add additional solutions – such as CyQ or CyCall all reporting is done from the one central interface and database and also the amount of information you collect from each call and each internal agent grows allowing more and more additional reporting, services billing and performance monitoring.

Integrated Computer Telephony

Leveraging the powerful facilities provided by the Directory and Information Services and integrating with CyTrack® CyDesk and CyConsole Operator Console for Corporate, Hospitality and/or Bureau Service Centres, provide powerful and information-sensitive operator consoles integrated to the telephone system. Features such as Hold, Transfer, Conference and dial out together with the Messaging Module and customer and client context information provided by the Directory, allows intelligent telephony control.

ACD MIS and Management Interface (LG-Nortel ipLDK / NEXER series only)

CyTrack ACD Manager integrates with the PAB™s integral ACD, providing Real Time Statistics on all Queue Groups. Data is recorded via the powerful CyReport SQL based logging and reporting engine, and the Manager has access to a Wide range of Telephone Call Accounting and ACD Reports. Additional functionality and reporting is available by adding the CyDesk CTI Desktop to the Agents PC. CyPhone can be used to Log In/Out of ACD Groups, and the CyPhone Break™ function can be used to Log In/Out of ACD Groups at a mouse click , the data used for Break Reporting, and agent specific Agent Real Time Activity Reporting.


  • Powerful SQL Database
  • Reporting of Telephone & Call Centre data in one module
  • Simple to operate
  • over 150 reports
  • Flexible and Customisable Crystal Reports – Report output to Print, CSV, PDF, Excel, E-Mail, Customisable Bill format Reports with optional Tax settings
  • Multi-User and Multi-Site Options
  • Powerful carrier tariff configurator and Costing
  • Unlimited Directory Hierarchy featuring Drag and Drop interface
  • Operator Directory Fast Search Console
  • Serviced Office & Hospitality specialised modules
  • Multi-User & Multi-Site options
  • Serial and IP logging