Call Centre Software

Speak to more customers and prospects – operate more efficiently to contact them – ensure you meet industry and government guidelines. CyTrack® Cycall is the most affordable professional Tele-Marketing & Outbound Management & Reporting system for all businesses. CyCall provides your business with the means to setup and manage outbound teams to target your customer and prospect lists in targeted campaigns and produce results.

CyTrack® CyCall Tele-Marketing & Outbound Call Management Module provides management and productivity enhancements to outbound call requirements. Whether you have a part-time Tele-Marketing requirement or you are a full time Outbound Call Centre, CyCall has a range of modules and upgrade options to suit your requirements and budgets.


Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Calling large numbers of potential prospects or carrying out large surveys requires a professional and well planned approach to make the task a success. CyCall matches a wide range of customer requirements for outbound Tele-Marketing small or large and provides you with the tools to ensure productivity is at its highest and the process is efficient.

Ensure your staff have the right information for the right type of call

Agents using CyDesk our PC Desktop Telephony Control Client can be integrated to your business systems and databases – so that the right information and optional scripts and prompts are presented to the agent depending on the type of call or customer that you are calling.

Protect your customer database integrity

CyCall can be configured to ensure that an agent is always available to be there when CyCall reaches a live connection, don’t hang up on your customers or make them wait on the line and cause them to be irate with typical Predictive Dialers ! Furthermore CyCall ensures that your team do not call the customer repeatedly with the same message from multiple agents, or worse – call customers that have deemed they are not to be called. Many international government and industry guidelines now call for compliance to ‘do not call’ lists, it is the responsibility of call centres to meet these guidelines.

Performance & Results

Our Powerful Reporting Suite, CyReport is integrated with CyCall and powerful reports can be obtained of your campaigns and individual and team performance. Review resources you have to see that business targets are being achieved. Ensure Auditing and compliance guidelines are being met with complete history of all calls and activities. Click here for more information on CyReport.

Low Cost

CyCall offers a range of pricing options to suit our customer’s budgets.

Compliance with Do Not Call Register Act 2006 (Australia)

From 31 May 2007 Austrailian Government legislation will require telemarketers to not make calls to numbers listed on the ‘Do Not Call Register’ . Any business that calls a number on the register, or arranges for a call to be made to a number on the register, may be in breach of the legislation and could face penalties.

A telephone number is eligible to be entered on the Do Not Call Register if: (a) it is an Australian number; and (b) it is used or maintained exclusively or primarily for private or domestic purposes; and (c) it is not used or maintained exclusively for transmitting and/or receiving faxes.

Tele-Marketers will have to setup campaigns from ‘pre-washed’ lists that have been scanned and checked by authorised third parties. It is then most important that calls are only made from these lists and that tele-marketers are inhibited from calling from their desks to other numbers.

CyTrack CyCall assists tele-marketing organisations to ensure that these requirements are met. Campaigns can be setup using pre-washed lists and we can control blocking of calls to non-approved numbers by call centre agents.

  • Campaign Management on approved lists only
  • Internal Password level control to setup campaigns
  • Restriction on campaigns to be locked after the 30 day list approval period
  • Blocking of unauthorised access and onscreen notice to agent with log of attempted activity
  • Complete reporting and auditing of campaigns and calls

We will continue to evaluate features and requirements to enhance CyCall to address the ‘evidential burden ‘ and ‘compliance’ with the act.


Agent Real-Time Management

The CyCall Manager Screen provides an advanced real time screen of all queue and agent activity. The Manager can force agents on and off breaks centrally – as well as changing agents between queues and all administration of the system centrally.

Campaign Real-Time Management

As well as changing agents between campaigns and all administration of the system centrally. Each Campaign also can show results for each call status and its results – with the manager able to select individual calls and re-route them or override completion codes and retry schedules. The CyCall Manager Screen provides an advanced real time screen of all Campaign and agent activity. The Manager can force agents on and off breaks centrally – as well as changing agents between campaigns and all administration of the system centrally. Each Campaign also can show results for each call status and its results – with the manager able to select individual calls and re-route them or override completion codes and retry schedules.

Preview Mode

In preview mode, the system will pop the next selected target details up allowing the agent to view pertinent details. CyCall then dials the number when the Agent clicks ‘ready’. When finished the agent can complete any wrap up details and then clicks ‘ready’ for the next target screen pop and ‘ready’ to dial the number, and the cycle is repeated. In this mode the Agent controls the pace of each next call.

Progressive Mode

In Progressive Mode the Call Centre Manager enters a wrap up time that allows the agent to complete details after the call and then the next target is popped to the agent and the number is dialled. When the call is completed the agent has the set time to complete details before the next target is popped and the number dialled. In this mode the administrator is enforcing a pace between each call.

Pre-Emptive Dialling

Many people think of a ‘predictive dialler’ when they ask for this type of functionality. A predictive dialler works by a call-pacing algorithm that places calls from a list that has been defined by one of several such algorithms, including prediction of agent availability, average call time in current campaign, or user defined overdialing level for a given day/time/zone. This type of system is dialling out to ensure a call is ready with a reached target as the agent becomes available. Typically systems without having at least 25 agents in a campaign can lead to unacceptable Call Delays for the customer and high Call Abandonment rates as the customer puts the telephone call down before reaching an agent. They are also very expensive and also lead to agent burnout very quickly.

The CyCall Pre-Emptive Dialling Module dials the selected numbers and determines whether they are a Positive Connection as in a live person or Unpositive as in whether answered by a answering machine, facsimile, or a modem. Positive Connections are immediately transferred to an agent. The management interface allows for configuration of ratios of agent to callout patterns and agent availability.

Database Integration

CyCall provides a range of methods to integrate with your existing customer databases CRM and/or lists and supports special integration to packages such as GoldMine® and Microsoft Access®.

Skills Based Routing

Multi-level unlimited skills sets can be created and a rating system for each skill applied. Agents can then easily be selected for campaigns based on their applicable skills to their role and then rated on scales you determine. Campaigns can then be administered to route Positive Connections to those agents that have the right and minimum skills levels. Agents with lower skill levels will not get a call unless the higher rated agents become busy.

Break Management and Workflow Adherence

You can create an unlimited number of break types in CyCall. Agents select a break type to temporarily stop calls coming to their desktop and also show their status to the Call Centre Manager and all other agents. A range of reports allows the Call Centre Manager to analyse the amount of breaks and types taken. Certain automatic features are available as well – if an agent leaves their desk without going on a break and a Positive Connection is routed to that agent – CyCall will take the call back and reallocate it to another agent and also automatically log out the absent agent with a special reportable break type.

Completion Codes

Codes can be entered and enforced to the agent after every call is completed for entry. Completion codes can be just a result or a required re-dial command – such as Called Number Busy, No Answer. Customer requested Callback etc. – These completion codes can then allow a detailed analysis of call results.

Campaign Scheduling

Campaigns can be setup and allocated start and end times on a 7 day per week basis for automatically changing schedules and plans and agents.

Advanced Retry Pattern Configuration

The Call Centre Manager can configure an unlimited number of completion codes that are either selected by an agent in progressive or preview mode – or automatically utilised by the Pre-Emptive Dial Module. Examples may be ‘Busy’ – dial again every 3 minutes up to a maximum of three times, ‘No Answer’ – dial again every 1 hour up to a maximum of three times, etc.

Agent Manual Schedule

A feature can be made available to Agents where they can select a specific day and time to call back a number – which they can schedule to any available agent or just to their self.


System Features

  • Campaign Administration Interface
  • All Campaigns and Agents available activity in Real Time Screen
  • Campaign Schedule for Auto Able/Disable
  • Preview/progressive/Pre-Emptive Dial Modes
  • ‘Do Not Call’ Compliance Measures
  • Database/CRM Integration
  • Optional Voice Recording
  • Integrated Reporting – over 150 Reports
  • Configurable Completion & Wrap Up Codes
  • Re-Call Scheduler
  • Configurable Agent break-out codes

Agent features

  • Agent Log-In/Out On-screen
  • On-Screen Wallboard
  • Run from toolbar or full screen
  • Integration with customer database or CRM
  • Customer Screen Pop Details
  • Campaign Name Shown on Agent Screen
  • Agent Call Wrap Up Codes
  • Agent Break Codes
  • Auto Agent Absent Redirect
  • Log Agents into new Campaigns – reassign while live