Cloud Phone Systems

In today’s business having a good and reliable phone system is critical to the success of any company and having this in mind more and more companies are opting for Cloud-Based Phone Systems.

What is the Cloud?

The “cloud” provides services that would historically require on-premise hardware and makes them available over the internet.

what is the cloud

This is achieved by service providers hosting the equipment in highly connected, highly secure and resilient data centres.

They manage the phone system for you, and you just have to use the web portal, handset, or applications to access everything you need when you need it.

This reduces upfront cost and allows you to pay a monthly subscription for services that can be rapidly flexed up or down, and because it is designed to scale, it suits all sizes of business, from single home offices to having multiple locations around the globe.

With on-demand features and same-day provisioning, you can add or remove users quickly and easily; this gives you the flexibility you need to adapt at the moment to your market.

So, to resume,

What is CloudVoice?

  • Based on the established iPECS Enterprise platform from Ericsson LG.
  • The iPECS Cloud product delivers a host of features that our available on our on premise PBX’s and delivers them via the cloud.
  • iPECS Cloud is easily managed and configured through the simple yet intuitive user portals.

What Changes when I move to the Cloud?

Your Phone System and Connected Phones are replaced with IP Phones connected to the CloudVoice service.

what changes 1

Your PSTN or ISDN Phone lines will move to the CloudVoice Platform

what changes 2

Our cloud telephony system delivers:

  • A Full Phone System
  • Flexibility
  • Unified Communications
  • Cost Savings
  • Connectivity
  • Reliability

CloudVoice Standard Features that other Cloud Solutions don’t have:

  • Busy Lamp Field
  • Call Park
  • Call Hold
  • Call Transfer
  • Paging
  • Call Pickup
  • Voicemail