We have become aware that some of our customers are being sold so called “ cheaper deals” for telephone calls and are not being told of some changes to their telephone systems, effectively downgrading their system and thus the service that the system provides. 
Digital Quality Downgrade 
Most of our customers would have ISDN lines where they have digital quality, they have Caller ID as standard, Direct Dial in (DDI) and they can transfer calls external to their telephone system – these are standard features of ISDN. 
Some providers are downgrading this service to analogue quality lines are our customers are losing these key features and if they want them back, are being forced into buying additional equipment for their telephone systems to get these back. They are not being made aware of the full impact that this has on their day to day operation of their phone system. 
In some instances, customers whole systems are being replaced, unknown to them, thus losing their warranty and jeopardising their maintenance contracts with us. 
If you are in any doubt, please call us – we are here to give impartial advice – for FREE. 
Remember, we sold you the telephone system so we know what works best with it. 
We have also become aware that one of the top mobile providers are now offering telephone sets with GSM sim cards installed and are offering a PBX type environment – but again, beware of quality issues and the loss of some key features – talk to us first. 
Hosted Telephony 
Finally, on the subject of “Caveat Emptor”, Hosted Telephony or “Cloud Telephony” is in its infancy here in Ireland and whereby the whole concept is a great idea, there are many pitfalls. It is a service that might well suit some industries or small office/home office environment but for the moment it does have feature and quality issues. You may be persuaded to look at the low monthly ongoing costs, and presenting it to you in a bundle type scenario, as opposed to buying your telephone system outright and installing it in your own premises. Phonelink WILL be embracing Hosted telephony, on a phased basis, when we feel that the proper broadband infrastructure and bandwidth issues are resolved. Unfortunately and again, the first Hosted Telephony introduced here in Ireland has suffered very bad press and continues to do so for the moment because of limited features and telecom companies willing to sell it over inferior broadband connections thus giving very poor line quality issues. 
Phonelink are in the telecoms industry for the past 26 years. When it comes to trying out new technology, we do it in a tried and tested manner and only release such new equipment and services when we feel that our customer will get a “feel good” factor and it is seamless. So please trust us to introduce this to you in a timely fashion and if you have any concerns about being approached, please feel free to ask us for our advice. 
Unfortunately, for some of our customers, they were persuaded to take on some of this new technology without taking proper advice and it has seriously and adversely affected their day to day running of their core business. If you port over your telephone number to another provider, getting it back is time- consuming and this could potentially have catastrophic consequences if you are without your all -important main number for any period of time. 
Safer Phone Options 
Phonelink are offering a safer option and also for the first time, saving our customers a guaranteed 20% on their current call spend. 
You don’t have to change your telephone lines or your telephone system to achieve this. For most of our current telephone systems, there is a standard feature on it called “least cost routing” we can show you how to make the best of it – without costing you an extra cent. This feature allows you to route your calls to other providers without changing ANYTHING
Are you looking for a way to save money on your phone bill? 
There is a way that you can save money on your phone bills – let us do a FREE audit on your bills and we will be able to make recommendations to you. If we can’t save you money, it hasn’t cost you anything! One of our specialist’s will help evaluate your present operations, make recommendations for improvements of your business. 
Phonelink have partnered with Smartport Systems Ltd and their costs are substantially cheaper than the traditional companies such as Eircom, UPC and Imagine for all calls such as mobile calls, local calls, national and international calls. By buying wholesale time from the big telecoms companies, we are able to give you the best options for local, national, international and mobile calls and not be tied to any individual one. Consider us as the telecoms “broker” as you would with your insurance broker. 
IT IS EASY – all you have to do is to copy your latest telecom bill, send it to us and we will come back with at least 20% off your current bill. 
To find out more about how Phonelink can provide quality service to your company call us on 01 620 5677 or Contact Us here 
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