LG Ericsson IPECS 100

The LG Ericsson IPECS 100.  It is 100% VOIP system which means it is completely set up for the future.  Not only this however, the IPECS 100 will also take traditional telephone lines allowing it to operate using the traditional telephone line model.

The LG Ericsson IPECS 100 is easy to install, use and grow with your business.  The LG Ericsson IPECS 100 is easy to configure and will exceed your expectations.

The LG Ericsson IPECS 100 is clear and intuitive so users easily understand how to access a feature. The IPECS 100 will grow seamlessly as your business grows without regard to where your offices are located.

Features of the LG Ericsson IPECS 100

  • Single system coverage up to 70 ports
  • System redundancy
  • Power redundancy
  • Centralized Network management
  • Central resource sharing
  • Remote terminals
  • Mobile extension
  • Multimedia conferencing
  • Multimedia applications
  • Unified messaging
  • Unified communications
  • Call centre
  • Soft phone
  • PC attendant

The LG Ericsson IPECS 100 Call Server

At the heart of the LG Ericsson IPECS 100 platform is the iPECS Call Server. This is a highly reliable purpose built Call Server which controls and maintains communications between end-points and shared network resources.

If your business is spread across multiple office locations up to 70 IPECS Call Servers can be networked together supporting features such as a unified numbering plan, a centralised attendant improving the efficiency and effectiveness of inter-office communications.